A Smorgasbord Of Selfless Deeds

L-R: Ray Williams and Jalvin Lovett
L-R: Ray Williams and Jalvin Lovett

Starting a non-profit organization is a noble and commendable undertaking. It can also be time consuming and sometimes disheartening; becoming privy to the opinions of others who undermine the purpose of the organization. However, when you find your passion, negativity rarely clouts your space.

Jalvin Lovett, along with Ray Williams, fused creativity and civil duty to create a fun and awe-inspiring way to assist in the expulsion of one of Savannah’s biggest issues – homelessness.

Smorgasboard, a 501 (c)(3), was founded in 2014 and came to Lovett as he was longboarding through Forsyth Park. “I saw a homeless guy sleeping behind a tree and I decided that the next time I skate through there, I would load up my book-bag with food… and so I took the idea to the next level and brought some friends with me and we all skated while handing out food and clothes.” What is interesting to note about Smorgasboard is that the two men involved made it distinctly clear that they do not skateboard, but longboard. If there is any confusion, Ray Williams was able to clarify. “The difference is the length in the board. It’s more for a cruising style. With skateboards, you mostly do tricks.”

There are a num- ber of non-profits in the city of Savannah, however, what makes Smorgasboard so unique? There is a personal touch to Smorgasboard; these young men take the time to walk up to individuals who are without the basic necessities, and offer assistance. “I’ve always had an interest in community service…we became friends because we had the same passion for people,” relates Williams. “We had gotten half way through the night, and it had become a game between me and another friend to see how many people who were less fortunate in the city to walk up to Jalvin… it was very powerful to see him not forget that these people are people, that they are humans.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to longboard in order to join. If you are interested in becoming a part of a civic adventure, contact Jalvin Lovett at jalvinlovett@gmail.com.

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