A Savannah Success Story: Calvin Butts Jr. Describes His Journey To Entrepreneurship

Co-Founders, Carrington Carter (L) & Calvin L. Butts Jr. Jack Manning III, JaxonPhotoGroup
Co-Founders, Carrington Carter (L) & Calvin L. Butts Jr. (Jack Manning III, JaxonPhotoGroup)

Chatham County native Calvin Butts, Jr. is a natural born leader. This HBCU grad is co-founder of Getaway Society, a luxury vacation rental home company with a real estate portfolio valued at more than a $5 million. The son of Cathy Thompson Butts and the late Dr. Calvin Butts, Sr., Butts is the alum of Jenkins High School where he played on the varsity basketball team. Following his high school career, he became an Inroads

Intern at the Savannah Chamber of Commerce.

Butts and his business partner Carrington Carter are both Hampton University alum who were tactile enough to turn their passions into profits. According to Butts, his old college pal Carter presented his business plan for vacation rental homes to him while meeting up at Hampton University’s homecoming in 2013.

Carter’s plan was so well put together that Butts didn’t hesitate to write him an investment check only a few weeks after their meeting. This was the beginning of successful partnership.

L-R: Calvin L. Butts Jr. &  Carrington Carter (Jack Manning III, JaxonPhotoGroup)

As co-founder of Getaway Society, Calvin and his partner Carrington Carter purchased their first property in the Poconos Mountains in September 2014. Since their initial purchase, Getaway Society has purchased three additional vacation properties in Martha’s Vineyard and Hilton Head, SC. A lot of research goes into selecting properties. Not only is location important but also the rental history of the area, the design of the home, taxes, the opportunity for upgrades, and the list goes on.

Butt’s experience at an HBCU has played a significant role in his career choice. “Being at Hampton since that very first day in a family environment and having the faculty so dedicated to your success; I’ve built relationships that have lasted until my post graduate life and they have been valuable throughout this whole experience. Having people come together from different and similar backgrounds to succeed created examples that I still use in partnerships today,” he explained so passionately.

Calvin serves on the trustee board at Hampton University. He actively supports the athletic department the same way his father supported Savannah State University. He is a member of the Penn Medicine Princeton Health System foundation board and an angel investor for several black-owned businesses, including Rainbowme and McKinley Carter Enterprises.

Investing in this black-owned company not only gives you the chance to participate in the quickly expanding travel and hospitality industry but it allows your money to make a difference.

It’s only up from here for Getaway Society! They are looking to expand their business with additional purchasing in Martha’s Vineyard, the Poconos Mountains, as well as new purchasing in Virginia Beach, The Hamptons, Orlando and much more. The goal is to explore locations where there are top beaches, big attractions, and top destinations for traveling. They hope to one day own properties in all the major cities. Calvin, and his partner strive to give their guests the luxury experience of owner operated which is the key to their success.

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  1. I am proud to say that I remember this young man being a great basketball player on the team at Jenkins High. My son Kabral Moxley was a teammate and his father was grandmother’s physician. Congratulations!

    1. Congrats to Calvin Butts jr. and your business partner Carrington Carter! I remember your Dad Dr.Calvin Butts working so diligently and faithfully as a physician here in Savannah. When I saw the name Calvin Butts I followed up and read your story in Essence and on line. I am sure he would be so proud to see you doing so well. Best wishes again and I will be sure to share your story and check out more information about Getaway Society!

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