A new image for Sustainable Fellwood


Sustainable Fellwood, Savannah’s environmentally friendly affordable housing development, has a new logo celebrating its commitment to community and the environment. The logo was the winning entry in a contest open to Savannah area high school and college students. Yuan Yao, a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate student, designed the winning logo.

Yuan was inspired by the development’s concern for the people and the environment.

“The community has a long history,” said Yuan. “The people belong to the community and therefore belong to the green environment. The people have a very strong relationship with the community and it’s a great environment for people. That’s why I put people in the logo. It looks friendly and has a connection with people.”

The logo is the silhouette of a person, outlined within the negative spaces of the petals of a flower.

“The logo captures this community aspect and idea of rebirth” so important to Sustainable Fellwood, said Denis Blackburne, CFO of Melaver, Inc. Community members were thrilled with the logo, he said.

Karina Nersesova, a SCAD graduate student, was the second place winner. Jiuxue Zhang, also a SCAD graduate student, was the third place winner.

The first place prize was a new laptop computer donated by Seimitsu Business Technology Solutions. The second place prize was a $250 VISA gift card and honorable mention was a $100 VISA gift card.

Judges were looking for a logo that graphically conveys and illustrates an understood message and vision of a sustainable community.

Sustainable Fellwood will be built with sustainable materials with high standards for energy and water efficiency. For example, pervious paving will be used where possible to allow water to naturally infiltrate the ground, reducing the impact on the neighborhood stormwater system. Construction on Phase I, the first 110 housing units, began in Fall 2008.

Sustainable Fellwood is a mixed use, mixed income Housing Authority of Savannah redevelopment. Master Developer: Melaver, Inc., in partnership with Parallel Housing, Progressive Redevelopment, and Vanguard Developers. In collaboration with: Lott Barber, Architecture and Planning, Catamount Constructors, Inc., City of Savannah, and CHSA Development of Savannah. www.SustainableFellwood.c om.

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