A Message From the NCNW

Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole
Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole

The Georgia State Coalition of National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) extends our deepest condolences to the families effected by police violence. We bear witness to our country being on the cusp of a necessary transformation. We watched the tragic deaths of our minority brothers and sisters captured on video. As we mourn with our fellow Americans, NCNW will work to continue its mission to lead, empower and advocate for women of African descent, their families and communities. Additionally, we can effect America’s transformation by executing actions such as: • Staying informed; • Voting in local and national races; • Planning and facilitating a community discussion on race relations with local officials; • Participating in the 2020Census, and; • Writing our state and local elected representatives to enact a Georgia Hate Crime Law.

As we collectively navigate the pain of our brothers and sisters dying from COVID-19 and by the hands of law enforcement, the State of Georgia Coalition of NCNW is committed to its mission. Our National President and Chair, Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, says: • “Do all that you can to make sure that during this pandemic, you and all in your family and network are safe and healthy. We cannot be in the struggle for non-violent social change if we become victims of COVID-19.” • “Each of us should speak up whenever we hear a comment that is racist or expresses bigotry or hatred for any group of people.” As Audre Lorde once said, “Your silence will not protect you.”

We must lead with love to accomplish the goal of assisting with the transformation of the United State of America and we must continue to strive and uphold the mission of NCNW.

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