A Message From Evang. Rachel Thomas

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

Dear Fisher’s of Men,

May I say something about this Outreach Ministry?

God (only word like it in the world) named it It was Birthed by God in the Spirit in 1986, and brought forth by the Holy Spirit in 1987.

It is God designed, and God orchestrated. He will only send, and use those whose hearts are with his in the gathering of His people; by invading this city for Christ.

Are you with Him to do this Great work? If you are, come answer God’s calling for every true Believer by coming as often as you can- God knows your situation, and He will supply your needs by His Grace. June 14th – June 29th.

This is Kingdom work for it is His will that No man perish-we must gather with Him, and not scatter-seek ye First….

Only this week and next left-ends June 29th. Please call-Pastor John Foster at St. Philip our headquarters 233- 2083-or The Unswitchable- Min. Rachel Thomas-234- 3107, Min. Barbara Brown- 232-7535, Min. Sandra Fleming-234-3529 and Pastor Henrietta Lovett-656- 0930. Free street rallies 6- 9pm. June 25th True Love Baptist on East Gwinnett St.

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