A Look at Health Care

Darnisha Green
Darnisha Green

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, but there is no need for that apple because of the debut of Obama’s Healthcare reform.

Congress has recently passed the bill to reform our nation’s healthcare. This bill will allot for lower costs, guaranteed choices, and enhances quality healthcare for all Americans.

This bill is a crucial step in Obama’s presidency and in the nation’s current economic situation.

What does this mean for our young people though? Do they even understand what this means for them and our country? I asked a couple students about the bill and what it meant to them.

Tori Jennnings, a senior at Jenkins High school said he didn’t know exactly what it was but knew about it just being passed. Other students responded with similar answers.

It is imperative that our youth get involved and start paying attention to what is around them. Even some teachers were unaware of what the bill was and how it affected them.

As a community, we need to be educated on what happens in our nation especially what affects us.

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