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What can you expect from Pole Dance Class? Our dance classes are for the everyday women who would like to learn the art of pole dancing.

Beginners Pole Dance teaches a variety of basic pole dance moves and spins. A participant should be able to dance a full routine by the end of 4 beginner pole dance classes. If you are looking for a fun way to exercise this is it! Pole dancing a great full body workout. It will help to tone your arms, shoulders, core, rear end and thighs!

Level II pole dance teaches advanced pole dance moves, spins, inversions and transitions.

You will not only gain new moves from taking our pole dance classes, we also offer instructions on how to use eye contact, body language with poise and confidence, and most importantly attitude.

Because there are our classes are small we are able to work with each student individually, we break down moves into smaller steps until they become confident with each step. There is no right or wrong with pole dancing, each student is encouraged to take the moves they are taught and make them their own, not necessarily mimicking the movements of the instructor’s to perfection.

Again we teach the dance moves and encourage the students to make them into their own form of expression. Pole Dancing Class is not just about the dance it is about letting yourself feel comfortable in your own body, becoming confident with yourself and in being a woman. We teach you how to express yourself by become familiar with your body’s movements and how to express your feminine side. Every body moves differently, this is what makes dance so interesting to watch, and unique to each individual.

Our classes are attended by women of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness and dance levels. I doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or haven’t exercised in years. This class is for every one,we can teach you.

Many come out of curiosity, wanting to give pole dancing a try, learning something new, some come to ad to their fitness routine, others wanting to ad little spice to their relationship. Most ladies come in feeling a little timid and shy, but by the end of the class they are dancing like no one is watching! You and your friends can book our studio for your own pole dancing party. Parties are 2 hours long and include 2 hours of Pole dance instruction. Lots of fun! Lots of Laughs! You are welcome to bring food drinks, take pictures, videos, bring your own music. Or get dressed up and have a theme party. Great for bachelorette and birthday parties or girls night out.

There is no judgment passed, our classes are ladies only. As instructors we strive for everyone to feel comfortable and learn each move. Everyone has fun and comes away with something, whether it’s a recharged confidence, new dance moves or the exhaustion of a good workout.

Our classes are open to ladies only, and nothing comes off but your shoes!About the Instructors: Kelly Curtis: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Figure Competitor,10 yrs of dance background, Pole dance instructor 3 years. Sabrina Madsen: Personal Trainer, Gymnastics Coach & award winning gymnast, Pole Dance Competitor: Georgia Miss Pole Fitness Fitness Body Balance Personal Training & Fitness Studio, 2127 East Victory Dr. Savannah, Ga. 31404 912-398-4776 Fitnessbodybalance.com

Instruction includes a complete breakdown of all movements and techniques. You will learn to put all the movements together into a sexy routine and be encouraged to “make it your own.”

For more information of Workshop 912-398-4776

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