A Fifty-Fifty Experience

L-R: Dorothy Speed, Jere Williams, Dandy Taylor, Carolyn Russell, Johnye Gillans and Dorothy Wilson
L-R: Dorothy Speed, Jere Williams, Dandy Taylor, Carolyn Russell, Johnye Gillans and Dorothy Wilson

Today we share with the Savannah Community experiences that were not a fifty-fifty chance that the members of the Signs of the Zodiac Socio Civic Club would visit fifty states together and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary in the same year. Yes, it was a commitment with a one hundred percent determination to visit fifty states and to celebrate fifty years of unity, fun, excitement and unforgettable experiences by the end of the 2018 year.

From the colorful mountains of Georgia, West Virginia and Colorado to the icy slopes of North Carolina; being snowed in at Lake Tahoe or being emotional moved as we looked at the grave makers at the site of Custer’s Last Stand, or viewing the wonders of the faces of four presidents carved in the mountain at Mount Rushmore , the glow of crystals in the glaciers in Alaska, the salt fields in Utah, the continuous flow of the water of the Niagara Falls on the border of the United States and Canada and the geysers in Wyoming sending a spray of water more than one hundred thirty feet into the air; and ending our goal in the Pacific Coast in Oregon We were at awe as we viewed the mountains, fields and horizons which revealed hues, shapes and landscapes that could only be created by God.

Trips which the Zodiacs took at least twice a year were named “The Rich Week” because the best housing, food, drinks and tours were enjoyed. These trips also included shopping and giving generously at casinos to support the educational funds in many states. They left their mark in each state visited as they were called “The Ladies from Savannah”. They wooed the people they met and even became Honorary Members of the Biker’s Club Sturgis, South Dakota. Do they stop after the celebration? No, it is not a fifty-fifty chance that they will. It is a 100% fact that they will continue to be the Lady Ambassadors of Savannah and be on the road again as they continue to enjoy their blessings of safe travel and sisterhood.

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