2nd Year For Math And Science Partnership Approval

SCCPSS and Savannah State University have received funding for year two of the Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grant which supports professional learning for middle school science teachers. Although many participants from year one are continuing their participation in year two, this will enable the program to expand to new applicants as well.

The SSU grant application calls for significant professional development activities to be offered to a cohort of 45 SCCPSS middle school science teachers over a two year period. Specifically, each participating teacher will receive a minimum of 80 hours of professional development yearly.

The trainings will include instruction provided by SSU College of Science and Technology faculty to increase the teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills. In order to make the training as powerful as possible, three cohorts will be formed, one for each middle school grade level. Each cohort will focus on a specific strand of the middle school science curriculumearth, life, or physical science.

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