20th Annual BET Award Show Goes Virtual

Amanda Seales
Amanda Seales

The BET Awards aired its 20th annual show in the midst of a global pandemic, a civil racial justice movement, and the thriving technological age making this anniversary one for the books.

This past Saturday, at 8 p.m., the 20th annual BET award show was hosted from the home of the stunning Amanda Seales who slayed several different natural hairstyles that served as inspiration for many black naturals tuning in for the evening. The demands of social distancing stopped both artists and audiences from congregating to enjoy a live show, but thanks to the recent generations’ comfort with technology, the entertainment provided by the BET Awards did not miss a beat.

The entire show was filled with fashion, comedy, great talent and thrill, but many artists also took the opportunity to represent for the Black Lives Matter Movement amongst the racial tension from racial injustices resurfacing across America. Homage was paid to George Floyd and many other recent victims of police brutality.

One highlight of the show was presented by two of America’s most widely recognized black women: Michelle Obama and Beyonce. Obama showed up on camera wearing her natural hair curls and presented the Humanitarian Award to Beyonce. Beyonce elegantly accepted the award and encouraged viewers to go out and vote like their lives depended on it.

Though controversy arose as Beyonce fans were outraged that Beyonce did not take home the female R&B/Pop Artist Award, Lizzo, the beautiful talented artist who was honored with the prize, thanked Beyonce for all she had done for the culture and let the contestants know that they are all winners.

Legends such as Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle, and Aretha Franklin were also honored. Lil Wayne did a tribute for Kobe Bryant and Jennifer Hudson did a tribute for Aretha Franklin. The late Nipsey Hussle was honored alongside DJ Khalid and John Legend with the Video of the Year Award for their song “Higher.”

Megan the Stallion and Da Baby also had groundbreaking performances along with many other talented artists during the award ceremony.

Commentary about the award show was kept live through social media platforms, especially ones like #blacktwitter where commentary on black culture and social issues thrive.

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