2016 Election Results Annouonced


The results of the 2016 Presidential Election has the country divided. There have been protests across our nation with many expressing their personal preferences.

In Chatham County, Hillary Clinton received over 55% of the votes even though Donald Trump will become our 45th President. There were a few other upsets in the Chatham County elections. Bobby Lockett won the 3rd District County Commission seat over Republican F. T. Maher. receiving 8013 votes to Maher’s 4112 votes. James Jones unseated incumbent Lori Brady as 6th District County Commissioner receiving more than 50% of the votes. In the 8th District incumbent Dean Kicklighter won the challenge from Democrat A. Wallace-Mc- Coy receiving over 63% of the votes.

Chatham County Sheriff J. T. Wilcher received over 54% of the votes as he defeated democrat McArthur Holmes. In the close race for Chatham County Coroner, Ben Wessinger received 50.98% of the votes over Dr. Lillian Loretz-Williams Constitutional Amendment #1 which would have provided greater flexibility and state accountability to fix failing schools through increasing community involvement failed. Over 62% of the voters disagreed. The Georgia Federation of Teachers have called on Gov. Deal to respect voters will. ESPLOST and Sunday Alcohol

Sales in Garden City both passed. For more on the Chatham County election results visit results.enr.clarityelections.com/GA/Chatham/ 64017/ 182861/ en/ summary.html

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