15th Annual Ethnic Awareness Awards Gala

Models and singers for Ethnic Awareness Program
Models and singers for Ethnic Awareness Program

Willis-Slater Production hosted its 15th Annual Ethnic Awareness Gala on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the Douglass Theater, 355 Martin Luther King Boulevard in Macon. Rev. Brenda Lee of Savannah was the recipient of the Ethnic Awareness Award for 2013. Ms. Betty Willis Slater is the founder of Willis-Slater Productions; she is the daughter of Mr. Willie Willis.

The purpose of the Ethnic Awareness Programs is to educate diverse citizens on one another’s contributions to this nation and to present awards to those who have improved race relations. America’s true history should include the Native Americans, the Pilgrims, Blacks, Jews and every race that has contributed to the fibers of this nation.

The auditorium was decorated with flags from all over the world; the colorful program opened with the procession of the Color Guards, the ROTC cadets, the honorees and performers from various countries dressed in their native costumes. International performers included Ms. Oiyao Wu-Orator of the Chinese Culture, Ms. Yixuan Chen, a pianist and several Chinese singers. Ms. Addsola Adelbakin of Nigeria gave an oral history of her country and performed a traditional. Models from Mexico, Japan, India, China, and Morocco graced the stage, gave descriptions of their dress and the occasions for which the garments are worn. Ms. Susan Doonan played the part of Ms. Stephanie Louise Kwolek.

This year, Ms. Slater honored Rev. Leroy & Mrs. Delores Reeves and the Center Hill Baptist Church Family, Rev. David & Mrs. Debra Stanley and the Union Baptist Church Family, Mr. James Wright, and Mr. Hills Lee for fifteen years of continued support with the “Wind Beneath Our Wings Award.” Major Charles Abbott, Staff, and ROTC Cadets of Central High School, Ms. Tonya Brantley, Mr. Ted Mesiner of La Emerita and Mrs. Carolyn Scott of Friends of Faith Church were also honored for outstanding support.

Rev. Brenda Lee of Savannah was awarded the 2013 Ethnic Awareness Award for over 40 years of service to various cultures. The criteria for this award is that the recipient have been active in interracial relations for over twenty-five years. She had worked endlessly with Protestant and Catholic Churches with people of all races. Upon returning to the United States from Italy and Africa, after a seven-year sojourn, she has worked with the disable, the elderly, abused children, youth and the homeless.

On Sunday, May 28, 1995 was designated “Brenda Slater Lee Day” by Mayor David Carter of Macon for her national and international service. She was a member of the National Charity League, St. Vincent de Paul and the Fullerton Ministerial Association. St. Juliana Catholic School elected her as their Spiritual Advisor for three years, at which time she organized and served as a liaison between the school and nursing homes in the city; she taught Sunday school and was part of the Rite to Christian Initiation for Adults at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

As a businesswoman, she organized the Downtown Fullerton Business Association. She wrote, produced and directed Fullerton’s Annual Palm Sunday Program. Her “GOD BLESS the Arm Force© Program” ushered in a new appreciation of lower class military personnel at the White House and Congress by the Bush Administration through President Obama’s Administration. She is the founder of the International Assoc, Fed., Leag., Soc. of Messianic Jews, Catholics and Protestants and one of the co-founders of Godly People Protecting Children.

Rev. Lee is a member of the Middle Georgia Association of Clergywomen and the Council of Catholic Women; she is the first woman to serve as a Chaplin at Fullerton College for the Newman Club and the first female to process into a Catholic Church fully robed as a priestess (St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fullerton, California, January 18, 2002). She wrote the treatise “Unity At GOD’S TABLE © which allows Christians of all faiths to celebrate COMMUNION at the same time. She was the publisher of “Truth Magazine.” She is an inventor, an artist, a singer and presently writes for the Georgia Informer and the Savannah Tribune.

The Ethnic Awareness Award Gala closed with a former dinner; over two-hundred people attended.

The program was given to Ms. Betty Willis Slater by the HOLY SPIRT when HE woke her up and told her to get up and to write down HIS instructions. She was given the date and the format for the program, which included racial discussions.

This column is dedicated to reporting the Truth; it is based on The Holy Bible, research, interviews, eyewitness account and personal experience. Book, chapter and verses are given when teaching purposes. In reading the obituaries it was stated that “She will see her mother, father, etc…in Heaven.” What does JESUS say?

There are no personal rela- tionships in Heaven; LOVE of GOD is THE THEME. Matthew 22:30, Revelation 21:4.

You may submit question via email at revbrendalee@yahoo.com The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Savannah Tribune and the Publisher.

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