$100,000,000 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed In the Death of Peace Activist Shawntray Grant

Shawntray Grant
Shawntray Grant

The family of Shawntray Grant, represented by The Mance Law Firm, held a press conference last Monday to discuss the $100,000,000 wrongful death lawsuit that has been filed in the death of local peace activist Shawntray Grant. The press conference will be held at the Chatham County Courthouse, 133 Montgomery Street.

On June 15, 2018, Grant was murdered in the parking lot of The View at Oglethorpe after returning from a night with friends. Grant was an active member in his community, including having been a deacon at his church and activist against gun violence.

The lawsuit filed alleges negligence on the part of multiple entities, including the Housing Authority of Savannah, Hunt Companies Inc., and Envolve Community Management, LLC (formerly LEDIC Management Group). It claims the entities named were negligent in ensuring the property was a safe place to live.

“Shawntray Grant’s death was preventable, avoidable, and tragic. It symbolizes the plight of many young African American men killed from unreasonable violence in low-income neighborhoods plagued with crime,” Attorney Chadrick Mance of The Mance Law Firm stated.

The View was built on a historically violent location, and the area surrounding it has seen pervasive violence.

Grant’s family hopes this lawsuit changes the course of low-income housing in the Savannah area and areas across the country. “We hope that we can reverse the cycle of crime, poverty, and profiteering that caused Grant’s death,” Attorney Mance said. Hunt Companies, Inc. is a privately held company that manages multi-family properties across the world. Envolve Community Management, LLC is one of the largest property management groups in the Southeastern United States and subsidiary of Hunt.

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