100 Black Men, Johnson High Announces Empowerment Program

Students listen attentively during announcement of Economic Empowerment Program
Students listen attentively during announcement of Economic Empowerment Program

The 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc. and the students, faculty, and staff of Sol C. Johnson H.S. will introduced their joint Economic Empowerment Program on Thursday February 11th in the auditorium of Sol C Johnson High School.

The 100/SCJ Economic Empowerment Program is a new and innovative partnership between the Savannah 100, Savannah’s Public School system, and Savannah’s business community. This program, conducted at Sol C. Johnson H.S. from February 11, 2010 through March 25, 2010, will introduce students to the theory and practice of business and wealth-building.

Through classroom instruction, interactive financial literacy workshops, mentoring, and shadowing of Savannah 100 business people, the program will introduce students to the world of business, strengthen their writing skills, and provide mentoring relationships with members of the Savannah 100. Students will receive grade credit for participating in the program and, at its completion, the 100 Black Men of Savannah; Inc. will award college scholarships to four students.

In a joint statement, Lloyd A. Johnson, president of the 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc., and Freddie Gilyard, principal of Johnson High School, stated, “We are excited about our new partnership. Financial empowerment begins with understanding financial choices. The SO/100 Economic Empowerment program is all about choices, the right choices. By giving youth the opportunity to learn about real estate, business planning, stock markets,and banking we are providing our youth with keys to financial freedom. Through our Economic Empowerment Program real business men and women in the community will teach students lessons from everyday business life. Select seniors will also have the opportunity to shadow a Savannah business professional for a workday, seeing how they operate in the field. By combining real world lessons with real world experience, these youth will get a glimpse of what the future may hold for them.”

With the support of the business community, Johnson H.S., and the 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc., the program . will also offer four, $1,250 scholarships to eligible seniors.

The Savannah 100’s Economic Development Committee is led by Charles Gilyard, Chair, and Hasani Lateef X, CoChair.

The 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc.is one of 116 chapters of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. It aims to empower youth and their families, while positively impacting their communities.

Mentoring is the essence of the Savannah 100. Each of the Savannah 100’s five signature programs – economic development, education, health & wellness, mentoring, and leadership development – involves mentoring of Savannah’s African- American youth.

As the needs in our Savannah community continue to grow in size and complexity, the Savannah’s 2010 strategic plan, “Mentoring the 100 Way Across a Lifetime”, addresses these challenges.

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