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Councilmembers Suffering From Severe Shock

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The white race really is a racist group of people. For some reason, they feel they are superior to every race on this planet; especially the Black race.

They always want everything to go their way and when it don't they brings out the Calvary (The State Attorney General). The White members of City Council became terroristic when the Mayor and other Black Council members chose Mr. Alfred Lott and Ms. Rochelle Toney for their finalists. It is obvious that the White councilmembers wanted Mr. DiGiovanni as one of the finalists, but his qualities did not hold up against the final two people.

There were other qualified people who were not chosen as finalists, but the White Councilmembers did not get mad because they all were Black.

The ironic side of this situation is the white Councilmembers are contending that Mr. Lott is not qualified and he comes with baggage.

I remember when this same Council approved Mr. Berkow for Chief of Police despite his misconduct of sexual harassment.

In addition, he had an on the job training mistress and he was involved with rapper Biggy Small's death. As long as the city was operating under the “good ole boy” system, these Councilmember's were fine but as soon as the Mayor and the other Black Councilmembers stood up and began to act as equals, they began to holler racism. How could any white person in Savannah ever cry reverse racism?

Let's see what racism mean. In order for a person or a group of people to be a racist, you must first have a deep hatred for a certain race and view that race as inferior to your race. In addition, you must have an overwhelming love for your race and will do anything to protect your race, such as cry like Mary Ellen Sprague or get fired up like Jeff Felsher and run for Mayor so the Black woman Edna Jackson won't be elected, or call in the GBl like Tony Thomas. Once this is established, the so-called superior race must use its power and money to lockout the inferior race from good jobs, housing, complete freedom, equality and the American dream.

The city of Savannah was established by racist white people in 1733 and in 1754, the city became a Royal Colony.

Savannah partnered with other countries to steal Black people from Africa. Once the Africans unwillingly landed on the soils of this blood dripping city, they were worked from can't see morning till can't see night. As a result of 100% free labor, Savannah became a wealthy and prosperous city.

The University of Georgia, the Juliette Gordon Low, and the Savannah Golf Club was established and became rich off of the blood and tears of Black people. You see, Tony Thomas, Mary Ellen Sprague, Larry Stueber, and Jeff Felser are suffering from severe shock.

They can't believe that the children of the slaves are finally taken their rightful seat at the white man's table but this time the role has changed, the slave's children are in control.

This is a prime example of chicken coming home to roost- The bad deeds of your ancestors have rebounded and the white city councilmember's and their kind are running scared. I think it is a good thing to see white people squirming at the short end of their mental rope.

Thank God, Chickens

Do Come Home to Roost!!

Marilyn Jackson

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Praise da lord and give us mo

Praise da lord and give us mo free shit!

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