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The Achievements and Accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From 1957 to 1968, Dr. King received several hundred awards for his leadership in the Civil Rights Movement. Among them were: * Selected one of the most outstanding personalities of the year by Time, 1957 * Listed in Who's Who in America, 1957 * The Spingarn Medal from NAACP, 1957 * The Russwurm Award from the National Newspaper Publishers, 1957 * The Second Annual Achievement -- The Guardian Association of the Police Department of New York, 1958 * Link Magazine of New Dehli, India, listed Dr. King as one of the sixteen world leaders who had contributed most to the advancement of freedom during 1959 * Named Man of the Year by Time, 1963 * Named American of the Decade by Laundry, Dry Cleaning, and Die Workers International Union, 1963 * The John Dewey Award, from the United Federation of Teachers, 1964 * The John F. Kennedy Award, from the Catholic Interracial Council of Chicago, 1964 * The Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. At age 35, Dr. King was the youngest man, the second American, and the third black man awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. * The Marcus Garvey Prize for Human Rights, presented by the Jamaican Government. (Posthumously) 1968 * The Rosa L. Parks Award, presented by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. (Posthumously) 1968

Posthumously, Dr. King was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Recording for his speech, "Why I oppose the war in Vietnam" in 1970 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter on July 11, 1977.

These awards and citations among numerous others, are in the Archives of the Martin Luther King, Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia!

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