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Bread of Life Church of God in Christ Prepare to Celebrate:

Bishop and Lady Collins Bishop and Lady Collins A celebration is in order for members of the entire body of the Jurisdiction of Southeast Georgia.

In November 2008, during the 101st Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Benjamin Payne Collins was re-elected by his peers to serve a second term as Second Vice Chairman of the Board of Bishops worldwide. In addition to celebrating the recent election results, the Jurisdiction is preparing for a grand event scheduled for July 31, 2009 at the Marriott Riverfront Hotel in beautiful downtown Savannah.

The celebration of LIFE recognizes and celebrates Bishop Collins' 60th birthday. There is also a celebration of LOVE. Bishop and Lady Virginia D. Collins will celebrate 40 years of love, marriage and commitment. The couple will renew their wedding vows on this date.

Finally, the Jurisdiction plans to honor Bishop Collins for his LEADERSHIP 39 years of ministerial devotion and 34 years of pastoral ministry.

If you are interested in sharing with us during this time of love, joy and fellowship, please contact Evangelist Cherene Jarrett at 912-450-6227 to purchase your ticket or receive additional information.

Reserve your seat NOW for an occasion you will remember for a lifetime.

Submitted by Mark Douglas, Public Relations


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