Youth Ministry Includes Developing Young Leaders

For any ministry to have lasting impact, new leaders must be identified, trained and mobilized.

During his earthly ministry, Jesus was active in making disciples. That work included seeking the lost, nurturing believers and equipping workers. But Jesus did not stop there—he placed high priority on another essential aspect of disciplemaking: multiplying and sending leaders. Jesus’ apprentice leaders, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, gave birth to the disciplemaking movement we know as the Christian church.

Through the church, Jesus continues his disciplemaking work in our world today. An essential part of that work is multiplying and sending a new generation of leaders. Youth ministry is a particularly fruitful place for such leadership development to occur.

Within a youth group in a local church, young believers who have developed into workers are identified, encouraged, equipped and mobilized to become leaders within the youth group itself and within the congregation at large. But what is involved in helping a young disciple of Jesus to become a leader? For starters, the right candidates must be identified.

Identifying emerging leaders An appropriate candidate for leadership development within a youth group is a young disciple of Jesus who is AFT’R more—one who is available, faithful, teachable and responsive.

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