WEU Graduation Services

The West End Union celebrated its Graduation Recognition Services Sunday, June 30th. The WEU is a Christian fellowship of four historical African-American churches of the Port Wentworth and Rincon, GA area. The WEU meets every 5th Sunday of the year at one of the various churches. The churches that belong to the WEU are Abercorn Baptist Church (Pastor Ansley Harrison), Mount Moriah Baptist Church (Pastor James Roberts), Richmond Baptist Church (Pastor Eugene Barney), and White Oak Baptist Church (Pastor Jordan Richardson).

The Graduation Services held at Richmond Baptist Church celebrated the achievements of three high school graduates: Josephine Alford (Effingham County High School), Maia Robertson (Windsor Forest High School), and James Quintin Williams (Groves High School). The Mistress of Ceremony, Angela Scruggs, ushered forth members who gave congratulations, well wishes, and advisements to the graduates. “Stay with The Lord,” the graduates heard, “Stay with The Lord all the way throughout your Christian journey and throughout the new chapters of your lives.” The WEU Mass Choir reminded the graduates that any challenges that they may encounter in the future will only strengthen them. Songs like “Trouble Don’t Last Always” and “Jesus Will Fix It” filled the sanctuary. Evangelist Vivian Gray delivered the message “Unity Through Humility” taken from Philippians Chapter 2. She encouraged members to continue to work in love together to experience joys and trials as one body. Graduation is a joy of life that the members of WEU celebrated together this past Sunday. The next WEU summer event is Vacation Bible School which will be held at Mount Moriah Baptist Church on July 18th and 19th, 6-8 PM. The VBS theme is “Making Good Choices”. All are welcomed to attend.

For more information call the WEU Moderator, Pastor Eugene Barney, at 912-964-5954.

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