Ways Millennials Can Help Their Parents Get Fit

Aging baby boomers who neglect their health and fitness don’t just harm themselves. Their lifestyles also affect their adult children, who eventually could end up caring for them – both financially and physically – as their health declines.

So children have a vested interest in encouraging their parents to get fit and stay fit.

But young adults who cringe at their parents’ eating and exercise habits may be reluctant to broach the subject. How can they start such a conversation?

One thing that might be tempting, but probably won’t work, is a harsh lecture, says Jaime Brenkus (www.exercisewithjaime.com), a nationally recognized fitness expert and fitness coach for Evergreen Wellness®, which provides videos and articles to help older adults enjoy healthier lives.

A few starter tips that can help older people include:

Encourage them to drink more water. Not everyone drinks as much water as they should – even though this is a healthy habit that’s simple to accomplish. glasses of water at all.

Recommend they try strength training. The most effective way to increase metabolism and to help reverse the aging process is stimulating muscles by lifting challenging weights to increase lean muscle mass, Brenkus says.

Make sure they socialize. Studies have shown that people who are active socially are healthier and live longer lives. Socializing helps reduce the stress that can contribute to a number of health problems.

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