Tye Whitely Announces Her Candidacy For School Board President

Tye Whitely
Tye Whitely
Local education center director and award winning parent volunteer Tyesha “Tye” Whitely officially announced her candidacy for Chatham County School Board President Feb 11,2018 via FaceBook Live. Tye is a Savannah native who was part of Savannah Art’s Academy first class. She graduated with honors from Savannah High School in 1999. She is a graduate of Morris Brown College where she received a BA in Communications. With over 13 years of educational research experience and a personal understanding of the journey of SCCPSS she believes she is the candidate to help create an innovative and robust schools system that prepares our students for the jobs of tomorrow. “When we work together for what’s best for all of Chatham county’s students we will see how it positively affect the community as a whole.”

Tye’s educational experience includes efforts to close the digital divide gap with the Americorps/ SEEDCO program, arts instruction with Upward Bound and most recently a national community STEM programs with Hofstra’s Wise Guys & Gals. “Putting students first, implementing research-based policies and empowering teachers and parents are very high on my list of priorities. “. Her work as a parent volunteer began at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas and has yet to stop. She has served as PTA President and Treasurer For Shuman Elementary , PTA Treasurer for Esther F. Garrison K-8 and general PTA member at Marshpoint Elementary. She has also served as President of the Shuman Elementary School Council, where under her leadership she worked with parents, teachers and community members to forward recommendations to the school superintendent. Tye is a mother of 3 current students in Chatham County Public Schools. For further information see www.Vote4Tye. com

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