Thanks to the Men of Honor

The Women’s Resource Foundation (WRF) is a non-profit organization that is geared towards helping and improving the lives of homeless women and their children by providing shelter, meals, training, day care, referrals for other agencies, counseling and more.

While WRF receives help from many in the community to make these accomplishments happen, it is with great pleasure to bid a warm greeting and congratulations to the “Men of Honor” who have supported WRF selflessly. These men set aside their time to help women in need; to assist these women to become mentally, spiritually and financially empowered. The WRF would like to give thanks to the men of honor. Among them are Curtis Bellnot, Pastor Barry Bell, a praying man; Pastor Jeff Eaddy, an outstanding Man of God and a prayer warrior; Chew Brown, WRF’s contractor who provide services to those in need. Also Tim Smith; Ellis Cook, a member of the Metropolitan Planning Commission and serves at our daycare facilities; Pete Liakakis, Chairman of the CAT Board, Dan Eckards, who donated flooring; Dave, who made pizza deliveries that made the children happy. Walter Ballew supports the women with bedding and Madison Washington have contributed food for the women on every occasion.

Apparently, the mission of these honorable men is to help provide for a greater Savannah. They have done a wonderful job and we at WRF want to thank you.

WRF Director,

Linda Johnson

Office Manager,

Gloria Franco

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