Students Duct Tape Principal to the Wall

Principal Andrea Burkiett Duct taped to the wall
Principal Andrea Burkiett Duct taped to the wall
Students at Largo Tibet Elementary School duct taped Principal Andrea Burkiett to the wall last Friday! The students were promised the opportunity if they raised their MAP scores. For every point each student raised their score, they earned one foot of tape to help stick the principal to the wall.

Largo-Tibet students earned over 12,000 feet of tape!!! The process began at 12:45pm last Friday with students called by class to the gym to add their tape and have a seat. By the end of the process, all students were in the gym to witness boxes being pulled from beneath the principal and see if she sticks to the wall. With 12,000 feet of tape, she was stuck successfully

In addition – two bicycles were awarded by Joe and Michele Brannen from Horace Mann. One each to the boy and girl student with the highest point increase.

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