Step Up Savannah Staff Invited to White House Forum

Dale Carlson-Bebout, director of Step Up Savannah’s Supporting Work project, is among a select group of policy experts, small business owners, labor leaders and others invited to the White House for a March 31 forum on innovative workplace practices.

The President and First Lady are hosting the “Forum on Workplace Flexibility” to discuss policies and practices that support working men and women meet the demands of work while caring for their families. The forum, open by invitation only to about 100 participants from around the U.S., will allow experts to share ideas that ensure business success while meeting the needs of the contemporary workforce.

“Receiving the invitation to participate in a White House forum next week is an incredible honor personally and for Step Up Savannah,” said Carlson-Bebout.

“Millions of women and men across the country struggle to balance the demands of their jobs and the needs of their families. Too often, caring for a child or an aging parent can strain a career—sometimes to the point of job loss,” said President Obama.

To read the full announcement, go to he-press-office/white-houseannounces forum-workplace flexibility.

For more information about Step Up Savannah, go to www.stepupsavannah. org

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