Statement by Mayor Eddie W. DeLoach on the Talmadge Bridge and Forsyth Park Monument

Mayor Eddie DeLoach
Mayor Eddie DeLoach
Last week at the City Council meeting, Mayor Eddie DeLoach made the flollowing statement in regards to the recent hate crimes taking place around the country.

“In the past week we have seen many acts of violence that have been committed in the name of hate and racism. We all must denounce these forms of domestic terrorism, and rally around each other in the name of peace and unity. We must not just be on the right side of history, but we must write the right version of history. Savannah has long wanted to re-name the Talmadge Bridge to a name that is more inclusive and representing of our entire community. I hope council will join in with me in supporting a resolution to send to the Governor and the State Legislature to work with our community to achieve this goal.

In Forsyth Park, we have a beautiful monument that pays homage to the Confederate Dead. This monument only tells a portion of our city’s unique history. While many, including myself had family members fight and die for the Confederacy, we also had citizens who fought and died to preserve the Union. We had citizens like James Moore Wayne who served as a United States Supreme Court Justice while his son served as an Adjunct General in the Confederate Army. Our nation, our city, and our families were divided. And we must embrace the whole story so we do not repeat it.

I call on the City Manager and the City Attorney to find a way to expand the story this monument tells to be inclusive of al Savannahians, regardless of race, creed, or color, who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Civil War.

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