SSU Begins Full Tobacco Ban Sept. 1

Savannah State University will become a tobacco free campus effective Sept. 1, 2014.

The announcement comes after the University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents passed its Tobacco and Smoke Free campus policy earlier this year, which requires full implementation at all USG institutions by Oct. 1, 2014.

The new policy seeks to preserve and improve the health, comfort and environment of students, employees and campus guests. As such, the policy prohibits the use of tobacco products anywhere on campus, including inside vehicles and outdoor areas such as parks and pavilions, parking lots, etc. Tobacco products are defined as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes and any other smoking devices that use tobacco such as hookahs or simulate the use of tobacco such as electronic cigarettes.

To implement the tobacco-free campus policy, Savannah State University President Cheryl D. Dozier established a 13-member campus task force that includes faculty, staff and student representatives. The task force has developed surveys to gauge attitudes about smoking and identify needs, such as the possibility of smoking cessation programs. Task force members will also assess campus signage needs, suggest strategies for ongoing awareness and education, and provide input on enforcement and compliance regulations.

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