Savannah’s Initiative to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

Mayor Edna Jackson and Sam Olen - The Attorney General of Georgia
Mayor Edna Jackson and Sam Olen – The Attorney General of Georgia

Savannah’s Initiative to Fight Child Sex Trafficking, is an effort Mayor Jackson has been working on for a year – to protect our children.

As a follow up to training and certifying our entire Police force, on October 26, 2015, hundreds of Savannah’s citizens attended the Savannah’s Initiative to Fight Child Sex Trafficking Community Forum at the Civic Center.

This program was chaired by Sam Olens, Attorney General of Georgia, Judge Tarver of the United State Attorney Generals office, and Mayor Edna Jackson of Savannah, who also hosed the event. This 4 hour program consisted of several panels made up from 26 speakers, who are experts in law enforcement, and government and private agencies. Savannah is now part of a Statewide Taskforce in some way, addressing this hideous crime.

The Mayor invited the cross-section of the Savannah community to the October 26th Forum to educate people from academia, social services, the business community, medical professionals, faith-based organizations – organizations that are most likely to come in contact with victims, could observe questionable activity and report it, or be in a position to influence prevention education.

This was a follow up to the September classes where hundreds of Law Enforcement officers within Chatham County were trained and certified in Trafficking by the State Chief Prosecutor’s Office. And now our entire community is well on its way to being personally and professionally invested in collaborating to eliminate this ‘behindclosed doors’ crime.

The entire 4-hour Forum was recorded. It will be broadcast on our government channel several times, and then it will be archived on the city government website so that anyone can access it at anytime to further present and educate Savannah and other cities in Georgia.

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