Savannah State Professor Emeritus Honored By The White House


Former professor Matthew Gilligan, one of Savannah State University’s first marine science instructors has been honored by the White House. with the National Presidential award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering mentoring this summer.

Professor Gilligan has a doctorate from the University of Arizona and he has an abundant amount of experience studying marine life in the sea of Cortez in Mexico.

For over three decades,

Gilligan has had the opportunity to shape the Marine Science program at Savannah State University and see it evolve. SSU is currently top ranked in the nation in bachelor’s and master’s degrees earned by African Americans in the U.S. in the Marine sciences from 2002-2017.

Gilligan has had the opportunity to see STEM students succeed, lead projects that has brought in 9 million to SSU, and witness the new marine science center open in October 2017.

With all of Gilligan’s hard work, there seems to be no stopping him any time soon. He now serves as a member of the board of Wilderness Southeast Inc., and he plans to attend the Southern and National Associations of Marine Laboratories meetings for the remaining of this year.

In a statement released by SSU, Gilligan states that he plans “to serve as an advocate for STEM education mentorship whenever the opportunity arises.”

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