Savannah SCORE Presents the Seminar “Should I Invest In A Franchise?”

This seminar, the latest in SCORE’s popular “Tools To Grow Your Business” seminar series, will help attendees understand franchising and how owning a franchise compares to starting a business from scratch. Michael Siegel, former franchise owner and

Certified Savannah SCORE Business Mentor will discuss:

• What is a franchise?
• Key reasons to consider
buying a franchise…or not.
• What franchises are out
there and which franchises
are considered best?

• The financial considerations of owning a franchise
• How to effectively evaluate franchise opportunities.

The seminar is on November 14th, from 11:30AM to 1:00 PM at SCORE Savannah, 111 E. Liberty Street, Savannah. Registration is required. Seats are limited. The cost is $20, payable in advance or at the door. To register call SCORE at 912-652-4335

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