Savannah-Chatham County Labor Summit 2016 Resolution of Support


On September 3, 2016, representatives from Savannah- Chatham County labor unions, faith-based community, neighborhood associations, etc., met in a Labor Summit focused on protecting local jobs, adopted the following resolution: WHEAREAS: Local union leaders and union members are committed to building an effective coalition to stand in solidarity for Savannah Chatham County working class, and WHEREAS: Participants in the Savannah-Chatham Labor Summit were made aware of issues and concerns impacting the lives of union workers, and WHEREAS: The Savannah Chatham Labor Summit now realizes that labor must step up to bring about public awareness and advocacy for the working class in Savanah-Chatham County, Georgia in a non-stop effort on every level (social, civic, religious, family, etc.). THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We call on local lunions,- faith-based community, neighborhood associations, families and others to join together in solidarity behind protecting Savannah-Chatham County working class, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: Participants in the Savannah Chatham Labor Summit work closely with the Trigon Group (Clarence Williams, Jr.) in bringing about public awareness through the local media, conversations, presentations, rallies, organizing campaigns and related activities.

Adopted this 30th day of September, 2016 by: Savannah Regional Central Labor Council Jerome Irwin, President ILA Local 1414 Thomas Stokes, President Savannah Federation of Teachers Theresa Watson, President

Chatham Association of Educators Mary A. Snowden, President APRI (Savannah Chapter) Chester Dunham, President Berean Association Social/Civic Committee Rev. Ricardo Manuel, Chairman

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