Obama: A Defining Moment in History

Atty. Lester B. Johnson, III
Atty. Lester B. Johnson, III

“Barack Obama will be a beacon and a role model for our community.” Those were the words of Attorney Lester B. Johnson, III, as he addressed the audience at the Barack Obama Celebration Breakfast, sponsored by the Savannah Branch NAACP and The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum.

Attorney Johnson said President-elect Obama will establish a culture change in Washington that is long overdue. He said this change will take root in Obama’s administration, but we shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight. “For political science, this election was phenomenal,” Johnson said. “No one in the history of America has ever received such wide spread support,” he continued.

Johnson said he strongly believes that Barack Obama has been blessed by God to be the president of the United States. He noted that the name “Barack” actually means blessings.

“Obama was tracked down by the spirit of history,” Johnson said. He said because of Obama’s personal example, we can expect to see a rise in public service, especially among young people, family values will be prevalent, and the world will look to America as a beacon of hope.

Johnson urged the audience to pray for Presidentelect Barack Obama and his family.

Attorney Johnson was introduced by his son Faisal Johnson. Others on the program included: Invocation and Blessing by Bishop Earl E. Coleman; National Negro Anthem by Mrs. Juanita Tucker; Occasion by Mrs. Juanita Adams; Presiding Mr. W. Richard Shinhoster; Special Breakfast Toast by Mr. Robert Bess; and remarks by Dr. John W. Jamerson, III, DDS, and Dr. Prince A. Jackson, Jr. Ph.D.

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