New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI In First Overtime Game

The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in a historic game with 34 to 28 points after going into the first overtime game in the history of the Super Bowl. This past Sunday, February 5th, Super Bowl LI (51) was held at the NRG Stadium in Houston Texas. This is the Patriots fifth Super Bowl win out of nine appearances, solidifying Tom Brady’s status as the best quarterback in NFL history. Many people believe the final call during overtime, the call that won the game for the Patriots, was a bit premature because the player’s knees touched the ground before the ball. Falcons were in the lead with 21 points from first to second quarter until the Patriots were able to put 3 points on the board. Tom Brady took few hits from the some of the other players and restored some hope for the Falcons until halftime.

Speaking of the halftime show, Lady Gaga performed all her famous hits and killed it. She may have given some confidence to the Patriots with the red and blue fireworks that were set off at the end of the performance.

The Patriots made a major, vengeful comeback after the halftime show by scoring 6 points in 3rd quarter and 19 points in fourth, which would set the stage to leave the Falcons in the dust. The Patriots and Falcons tied up with 28 points by the 4th quarter which resulted in a call for Sudden Death Overtime, meaning the first team to score a touchdown wins the entire game. The Patriots were able to score first, claiming 31 unanswered points to the Falcons 28 earned earlier in the game. This was a great game to watch and a successful end to the football season.

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