“Neuro-Pathway Training Comes to Hilton Head Island”

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training has opened a new location at 15 Hospital Center Commons Suite 100-D, Hilton Head Island, SC. They will be offering exclusive free sessions (first time clients) with complimentary consultation through January 2018 to celebrate their expansion and show the community the benefits of Neuro-Pathway Training! The cozy center provides clients a chance to relax and unwind as they train their brain to correct brainwave dysregulation. SYMMETRY offers. Neuro Pathway Training is a learning modality using technology, which teaches the brain to better regulate. Their approach is painless, drugless, non-invasive, has no harmful side effects and creates long term positive changes.

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America determined that “EEG biofeedback meets the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry criteria for clinical guideline for treatment of ADHD, seizure disorders, anxiety (i.e., OCD, GAD, PTSD, phobias), depression, reading disabilities, and addictive disorders. This suggests that EEG biofeedback (aka. Neurofeedback) should always be considered as an intervention for these disorders by the clinician”.

SYMMETRY Founder, Dianne Kosto, is a “Mom on a Mission” who struggled with her son who was placed in various programs. Kosto found neurofeedback, which she believes saved him. In addition to overseeing her 5 locations that provide neurofeedback services, she is implementing new membership programs for individuals, private practice, academic facilities and @Home unit training options. She reports, “We offer a final option for those suffering from many common negative symptomatology, as the changes clients will see with us are longlasting.

Once accepted into the membership program, clients complete a brain map. This allows the clinical staff to design a specific program tailored to their individual brain chemistry. Then, the fun begins! A client will begin training by watching a movie, playing a video game or listening to music while being connected to the innovative Neuro-Pathway Training program via noninvasive sensors. The computer detects proper brainwave patterns and will visually and audibly ‘reward’ the brain each time it meets the goals set. The brain learns how and when to produce certain brainwaves and new neural pathways are created. Science shows these changes are permanent after a series of sessions.”

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dianne to see if you, or someone you know, may qualify as a candidate for Neuro-Pathway Training at: Meetme.so/DianneKosto

New Location:

15 Hospital Center Commons, Suite 100D,

Hilton Head SC 29926

For further information and FAQ, please visit: www.SYMMETRYNeuroPT. com or call 1-844-BRAIN ON 844-272- 4666.

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