Museum in the Moonlight


Please join us for the twelfth annual Museum in the Moonlight this Friday, 16 November 2018. Wander the Gardens on a romantic moonlit night while enjoying Low Country cuisine provided by the Gaslight Group and live music in the Museum. Featuring singer/ songwriter Coy Campbell playing folk rock on the acoustic guitar highlighting our current exhibit “Seasons of the Marsh” by artist Harris Lewis.

Songwriter Coy Campbell studied double bass and creative writing at the University of New Mexico, and began his career in the late 1990s supporting recording artists on tour and in the studio. He performed throughout the U.S. and Canada before relocating to Georgia to join the Athens Symphony Orchestra in 2005. While in Athens his songwriting took front seat and he honed his craft there before releasing his debut album, “Bell Rope,” in 2015. Coy now lives and writes in Savannah, Georgia.

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