Men’s Professional Indoor Soccer Franchise in Savannah?

Savannah recently played host to Georgia Soccer Hall of Famer, former Atlanta Pro Goalkeeper, Graham Tutt. Tutt was researching the “Savannah Soccer Market” as the League Commissioner of a new professional indoor soccer league called, ACTION Indoor Soccer. AIS.

Tutt highly ranks the Savannah Civic Center (seating capacity 6,000) and the Savannah Soccer Community “very much in the running and near perfect for a Men’s Professional Indoor Soccer franchise”.

Commissioner Tutt claimed from “ACTION Headquarters”, in Atlanta.

“The financial numbers and the feel for community fan support is right … the Savannah Civic Center want us as much as we want them and the overall feed back from the soccer community has been very encouraging”.

“It appears a pro-indoor soccer team would garner tremendous fan support. The only thing missing for a Savannah franchise to happen is an investor or investor group to own the franchise. At only ten thousand dollars to secure the rights for a men’s pro indoor soccer team it should not be to long before an appropriate investor or group of investors come forward …

Tutt further expanded, “Our league is regional, mainly in the South East, covering eight states that include the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, North Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. We are “affordable” because there are no major added expenses such as hotel or air flights to drain the ownership. It is most affordable for a local businessman or small group of investors to own. You don’t have to be a multi millionaire to obtain a franchise and it’s quite feasible with the way each franchise is financially structured for an investor or investor group to make a profit in their very first season”.

Tutt continued, “Each franchise only needs to average a few of thousand fans to breakeven and I believe, like many others, that we can treble or quadruple that number because of the fertile soccer community and corporate team sponsorship support opportunities around town”.

“It’s now up to a Savannah investor or investor group to make it happen and secure their cities rights for a franchise in our ACTION Indoor Soccer League. Everything else, including the players, the arena facility and community support is already in place. It’s literally a turn key franchise opportunity.” For more information on obtaining a Men’s Professional Indoor Soccer franchise for your city contact: League Commissioner, Graham Tutt at 404.702 8059 or … Visit Website at

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