Making Waves: A Community Conversation

Join us Friday, June 15, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ships of the Sea North Garden Assembly Room for a screening of the 2017 documentary STRAWS – directed by Lisa Booker, followed by a panel discussion moderated by contemporary artist-activist Pam Longobardi*. The conversation will bring attention to the ways artists, activists, researchers, public servants, and the general public and work together in our region to address the alarming issue of water pollution – particularly from the impact of single-use plastics.

Panel Participants are: Mayor Jason Buelterman of Tybee Island, Artist and Educator Harry Delorme, Dr. Jay Brandes of Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, Grass-roots Activist Tim Arnold of Fight Dirty Tybee, and Researcher Paulita Bennett-Martin. This event is in partnership with Telfair Museums.


“It’s estimated every day 500,000,000+ plastic straws are used once and tossed in the U.S. alone. Ocean Conservancy ranks straws as the #5 most found litter item on beaches. They’re non-recyclable, so they wind up in landfills, litter streets and add to the estimated 8.5 million metric tons of plastic debris in oceans annually.

With colorful straw history animation narrated by Oscar winner Tim Robbins, STRAWS (30 minutes) leaves audiences with a clear understanding of the problems caused by plastic pollution and empowers individuals to be part of the solution.”

*Through their Contemporary Spotlight series, Telfair Museums will feature the work of international artist and activist Pam Longobardi, June – December, 2018.

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