Local Nutritionist – Cancer Expert Speaks at CAM for Cancer Conference

Carolyn Guilford
Carolyn Guilford
Dozens of National and International Cancer Experts gathered in West Palm Beach, Fla March 1-3 for the 12th Annual Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference

The conference presented in part by the Annie Appleseed Project consisted of 3 days of sessions teaching, motivating and cheering hundreds of cancer patients, cancer survivors, along with their families and friends.

The goal is to learn that there’s not one way to beat cancer, but many new and old natural therapies to combat cancer.

Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists and practitioners of many disciplines gathered to share the many ways to outsmart cancer, harness and unleash the body’s own healing abilities and to live a happy, healthy life after cancer.

Carolyn Guilford, of Savannah, cancer expert, nutritionist and wellness coach, was invited to return to the South Florida Conference to share her special brand of creating wellness for clients. Guilford’s talk offered the first tools she uses in guiding clients along a successful path toward true health. Saying “to achieve healing in the stressful state of fear and uncertainty is difficult, if not impossible, when this first step is overlooked.”

Guilford’s speech entitled “Burn the Past”, was a story of devastation and loss, that unfolded into marvelous success. Outlining steps from mindset and lifestyle change, commitment and courage to stay the course, and then celebration. A formula for success on which every road to success is paved.

After a diagnosis of cancer, or any life threatening disease, the first question most persons will ask is “what do I do now?” Careful consideration of the answer will set the stage for the outcome.

Guilford’s advice is to pause, give thought to one’s personal needs and wants, family concerns, and to consider all treatment options, before a final decision. In nearly every case, time is on your side, take it.

Guilford’s approach in working with clients is to support their decisions, to offer better nutrition and lifestyle choices and the implementation, while allaying fears. Acting as a guide and advocate, in the process, and to assist client in taking ownership of the outcome.

Having a coach who is a cancer expert – in lifestyle and in nutrition, is imperative, just by virtue of the information and resources she has for an excellent outcome.

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