Lindsey Vonn Crashes Through The World Championships


Lindsey Vonn, a 34-year old Olympic gold medalist and one of the most dominant female skiers in history, announced last week that she will be retiring from skiing following her final two races at the World Championships in Sweden.

While competing in the first race on Tuesday, a super-G, Vonn was tripped up by a gate and crashed into the safety nets. She was able to brace her fall with her hands and was wearing an inflatable safety airbag underneath her racing suit, which inflated as she fell, to protect her from any serious damage. Lindsey Vonn has had many crashes throughout her career, some terrifying and some, like the super-G fall, she skis away from with only minor injuries.

Sunday’s downhill race will be the final race of her career, but Vonn still gives off confidence. “I’ve got a bit of a shiner. I feel like I’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler, but other than that I’m great,” Vonn said with a laugh. “ It’ll be fine. Sunday will be great.”

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