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  1. Greetings to Savanah Tribune

    My name is Franklin Parish
    A native of woodbine, Camden County, there I was borne. now living in Germany for many years. I have my home . The reason for this e mailm I am author of book, printed by Xlibris
    title ( Young Stranger) now on Internet all books stores in America Amazon.

    Is it possible to get my book advertise for me,on 1st or 2nd page of the Savannah Tribune?
    If psssible, whatthe could be, and is possible to have disstribued in Camden County?
    my home town, or close? it would nice, to inform me, of the condiction price wise!

    Thanking you in advance for your quick reply, again warm greetings from Munich

    SIncrely yours!

    Franklin Parish, author


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