Lawfest 2013 “Walking in the Footsteps of Westley Wallace Law”


Join us for the grand opening May 3rd at 7 p.m. for the ribbon cutting, WW Law documentary film and launch of the 2013 US Postal Service WW Law Special Cancellation Stamp.

Lawfest is a two– week carnival and festival hosted in partnership with The National Guard Armory at the armory grounds on Eisenhower Drive, Savannah, GA, May 3 through May 13. For more information and details about Lawfest visit: lawfest. Lawfest is brought to you by the City of Savannah, WSAV, Well FED, Chatham Area Transit, Creative Approach, the US Postal Service, Digital Envy and Greater Savannah Black and Minority Chamber of Commerce.

Lawfest is an annual festival in celebration of the life and legacy of W.W. Law and in support of the WW Law Foundation. The festival hosts an array of local vendors, small businesses and non–profit organizations along with a full carnival including rides and games for the family. Each day of the festival children have the unique opportunity to learn about the life of W.W. Law.

W.W. Law was a mail carrier—and he delivered a message and lived a life that forever changed the City of Savannah. During the civil rights movement he led Savannah toward peaceably restoring civil rights in such a way that Martin Luther King Jr. called him “…the most important civil rights figure of the South.” WW Law worked for the US Postal Service for over 40 years and worked as president of the NAACP, Savannah branch, for 26 years. WW Law devoted himself to documenting the life and history of the African American people.

He established the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, the Beach Institute and the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation, which together are a unified message of the history and culture of the African American people.

“A man is poor not because he doesn’t have money, but because he doesn’t have enough vision in his head and heart”—WW Law, 1977

The WW Law Foundation has a tremendous collection of nearly 100,000 artifacts—a nearly unmatchable collection and history of the low country including: art, letters, books, records, and music. The WW Law Foundation seeks to share this collection by creating a research and preservation center as a public resource for Savannah and abroad.

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