I Surrender All

Krystle Kai Pate
Krystle Kai Pate

Great and mighty is our God! Thank you, God, for your patience and compassion. You shape and refine me with every twist and with every turn. Sometimes, things feel awkward and uncomfortable, but you know the way to my heart, and you know the roads that lead to my success. When I gave you my life in complete surrender, I gave you complete control. Your will be done, not mine, in Jesus name, Amen.

God’s vision is not just 20/20, He sees through things, past things, and in the totality of things. God knows what it looks like right now, but He also knows the finale. Therefore, we must thank God in our darkest moments, as well as in our greatest successes. Praising God in our trials delivers us through them and takes our eyes off of our situation, which allows us to focus on who God is, and all that He is able to do. When we look to God and concentrate on His mercies and goodness, we can regroup and realize why it is so important to depend solely on Christ.

Everything we go through shapes us. There is nothing that we have encountered that has not played a significant role in our lives; whether it was something we brought on ourselves or something that just happened. Every circumstance is playing a major part in our destiny. We have learned that we cannot run from God, that God is faithful and will always take us back, even when we leave Him. God’s ways are better than ours; He will always see us through and always direct our path.

Now we understand there is a purpose attached to our lives, and with every turn and sudden twist, God is building us into strong men and women to represent Him; not in physique, but in spirit and in truth. We matter and we are precious to God. This is why He is taking the time to perfect us. When we surrender our hearts to Christ, we let God know that we will follow Him and are willing and available vessels.

God sees the bigger picture; He knows where He’s taking us. How great and mighty is our God to look at us in our filth and see beauty, to witness our hypocrisy and see promise, and to know our sin, yet, grant us His perfect love. God is truly worthy to be praised.


Thank you God for believing in me. Thank you, that while I was in a dark place, you never left my side. God, when I doubted you, you still fought for me and when I became rebellious, you still protected me. Thank you, for always bringing me back to you. Please, continue to remind me of your love, peace, patience, and amazing grace. I say to you, once again, that I willingly surrender my will for yours. Help me fight my flesh’s desire to serve itself rather than You (Romans 6:12-14, Romans 7:14-25). I give you complete control. You have your way, because it far exceeds mine, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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