Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Tests HBCU Students

Savannah State University (SSU) will compete in the National Qualifying Tournament of the 30th annual Honda Campus All- Star Challenge (HCASC), February 9, at North Carolina A&T State University. An academic competition for top HBCU students, the fast-paced buzzer contest highlights students’ scholastic prowess and ability to answer questions about history, science, literature, religion, the arts and pop culture.

SSU is one of 65 teams competing for institutional grants and a spot in the HCASC National Championship Tournament taking place on the American Honda campus in Torrance, Calif., April 13 – 17, 2019. Of the 30 years Honda has sponsored the event, SSU has competed 29 times.

The public can help SSU qualify for the National Championship by voting for, February 1-13. The three HBCUs that receive the most votes will automatically advance.

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge is a yearround program that centers on academic excellence, community service, leadership, networking opportunities and mentorship. More than $9 million in grants from Honda have provided support for scholarships, facility upgrades and other investments to improve the student experience.

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