Health Restoration Change Is Key To Success

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

I bring to clients the newest and best information on how to stop the progression of illness, and where possible to reverse illness. We have been able to bring considerable, measurable results in nearly 100 percent of clients. We can help you, too! Call me, and let’s talk about Your Health.

We are so easy to adapt to change, and that’s a great thing. We grow, learn, and improve, daily and that is key to our success in life. Whatever life is today, will change, and so will we.

Recently, after a presentation, an attendee asked me how could she change her habits. She has been working on losing the same twenty pounds for 25 years. She said that more unfortunately, stressing over the weight has caused her to feel incompetent and insecure and is chipping away at her self confidence. And, she looked so sad.

In working with clients, one of the skills we work on is changing our habits. Face it, we are all creatures of habit in one way or another. So many times, we are doing things that we are not even thinking about, but, having done them so many times, and for so long – the imprint is made on the brain, and it can direct the body to do, even when the mind is working on something else entirely.

Change requires commitment, goal setting, a plan of action, removing all barriers to success makes the plan failure proof.

Making the commitment to change requires goal setting, setting up the situation for your success, and keeping the promise.

Ask your self, who is the most important person in my life? I hope the answer is ‘I Am!’ At that point you are ready to make decisions and choices to be, and do and have the very best for you.

You, being the best you can be – is the best starting place for becoming a better wife, husband, child, parent, sibling, employee, or CEO. Whatever your roles in life begin and end with the choices we make for ourselves.

Outline what you want. Write it down. If you don’t know the value of writing things down, you are missing a key element of success. Writing stimulates the brain, and the act of writing enhances memory. Checking off as you accomplish a goal further strengthens your commitment to succeed.

Establish what you need to do to make it happen, start in that direction, and keep going. If you want a job, you start looking, and asking people you know, and keep going until you find what you want.

If you want to lose weight, you change what you are eating, and keep going.

If you need help, help is available, getting the right information is key to your success, and saves a lot of time. Start in the direction you want to go in, and keep going. Set out a time frame to reach milestones, along the way.

Remove all barriers to your success. Poor habits, and not examining our habits can be a major barrier to success. If your downfall is sugar, get rid of all sugar in your environment. If your habits run toward fast foods, find easy, quick, healthy food to prepare, plan in advance what your meals will be, take food with you, especially fruits and veggies, and be ready.

Keep a list of the good foods in your purse or wallet. Before going out, eat first. Always know were to get a salad quick. Drink a lot of water, and don’t let yourself become dehydrated, carry water with you, always!

Know that the time will come when you will ‘fall off the wagon’, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on. Don’t dwell on the fall. Dwell on your success, past, present and future. Watch your timeline. Check off your milestones as you go, and celebrate each success.

If you take on this challenge to change, your life will change in the most amazing ways. You will live better, because you’ll feel better than you ever felt before, and you’ll save a tremendous amount of money. You’ll have more fun, but, most important, you’ll save your Health. Remember, Health is a Choice!, a choice only you can make.

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