Green Family Goes Home

Mingo Green
Mingo Green

In the fall of 1954, Janie Green Brown was sitting at her home with two of her sisters, Millie Louise Green and Julia Green Brown reminiscing about events that had happened in their family. It was there that they conceived the idea of organizing a family reunion. A few weeks later, their idea came to fruition and the first reunion of the children of Mingo and Rosanna Murray Green was held at the home of Charles and Janie Green Brown at 1122 Collins Street in Savannah, Georgia!

The Green Family has a very proud and rich history on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Mingo Green, the eldest son of Christopher and Dianna Simmons Green, married Rosanna Murray and to this union sixteen children were born. It was hard to find work during the turn of the century, so Mingo turned to the fields during the summer and the sea during the winter to support his family. He met a gentleman by the name of Mr. Windham who taught him the arts of sailing and reading music. As time passed, Mingo thrived on the concepts of entrepreneurship and was able to purchase several cabin boats. The “Windham” was named in honor of his friend, the “Waldoff” and the “Rome.” These boats were used to haul freight for the local people and merchants from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to market in Savannah, Georgia.

Mingo Green, a Christian man, was a member of the Historic First African Baptist Church of Hilton Head Island, SC where he served on the Deacon Board and sang in the choir. His wife Rosanna was a member of Central Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church and her family actually donated the land on which the current church now stands. Although Mingo and Rosanna no longer live, their memories continue to live on in their descendants. We are proud that the town of Hilton Head has named a street on Hilton Head Island, Mingo Way, in honor of a great man.

On Friday, August 22nd – Sunday, August, 24th, 2014, the Green Family will celebrate its 60th annual family reunion on Hilton Head Island, SC. During that same time, the family will proudly celebrate the memory of its own son by attending the First Annual Bill Ferguson’s Hilton Head Island Memorial Community Event at Jarvis Creek Park from 12:30 – 3:30 PM. Bill Ferguson served as the Ward 1 Councilman on Hilton Head Island for 19 years and is the great-grandson of Mingo and Rosanna Murray Green. The Green Family is going home!

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