Faith Chronicles I


Where have we allowed our faith in God to take us?

Sadly most people believe faith is what makes sense. We say the scripture “we walk by faith and not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7), but with every step taken we feel for anything familiar. We worry with every advance, and some of us stop completely and go back the way we came. That is not faith, that is chance. It’s like gambling that this next step will win it all. But that is an immature understanding. Faith is an assuredity in Christ this next step is the right step, regardless of what it looks like, therefore there is no going back. To what?

Faith is a constant journey and exploration of God’s love. It is a position that we must live in to have access to the many unfoldings of God. I more and more understand that we get hit with life from all sides, but we cannot allow life to shift us from seeking to merely surviving. We are doing life wrong when we only live to work. No, we are to enjoy every breath. Yes, there are many hardships we face, but our response should only be to rejoice. Why? Because our father works everything out for our good (Romans 8:28). The good, bad, and ugly will always benefit us in the end. So no matter how hard today is God has the resources to make it work for you (Isaiah 43:16-19).

How will each of us answer the question, Where have we allowed our faith in God to take us? Well, we can first start by realizing we are exactly where our faith has allowed us to be. Yikes! Before you get upset, understand believing God for a car but believing your finances is too much for Him is silly. The two work mutually in most cases. Believing God for true friendships, but not trusting God with your scarred heart is backward. They too coincide with each other. What if the problem is you not them? Faith requires putting your all in. Whether that’s a little or a lot, whatever you have to give, give it.

God is calling all of us closer to Him. There is no fear in love (1 John 4:18). If we know that Christ loves us, then there should be no fear in faith. We can trust the one who loves us. We can hope in the one who loves us. We can be convinced in the one who loves us. Fear loves to reason, it tells you not to because of. Faith in Christ tells you can because of who is. I challenge you to remember who is.

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