Preparing For The Total Eclipse:
Dr. J.A Parkers
Dr. J.A Parkers

August 21st is a big day in America as we will be able to observe the total eclipse all over the United States on this day. The total eclipse can be seen from various places from the west coast to the east coast (from Depot Bay, California to Charleston, SC). The times to view this can be found on-line or check the local listings.

But CAUTION… viewing it can be exciting, but you must first prepare yourself for PROPER VIEWING of the eclipse. Failure to follow proper ways to view the eclipse can be extremely and permanently damaging to your eyes. Special protective eyewear is required. Regular dark sunglasses or ordinary polarized lenses WON’T work so please make sure to get the proper eyewear. NASA recommends “eclipse glasses” directly from three manufacturers: Rainbow Symphony, American Paper Optics, and Thousand Oaks Optical. These companies have met a particular standard which provides sufficient protection from harmful light. Local libraries across the U.S. are distributing safety-certified glasses, so check your local library.

Viewing the eclipse through a pinhole is NOT safe as you are NEVER to look directly at the sun. Even taking a picture with your telephone is not advised as it is common place to locate the object first with your eyes before taking the picture.

Extreme caution and warnings should be given to children. It is best to avoid looking in the direction of the eclipse completely so as to avoid getting a solar burn. Solar burns causes damage to the direct center of your eyesight (the area of the eyes called the macula). Once the macula is burned, the vision will NEVER come back. The result of this type of burn causes loss of central vision. Things can still be seen in the periphery, but the center of the object will be missing or terribly distorted. There is NO cure for solar burns and once that part of the vision is gone, it does not come back. So take it extremely serious if a child is outside trying to see the eclipse because it could cause a lifetime of central vision loss. This could be devastating.

I want to take this opportunity to prepare you for the scientifically eventful moment in the world, but please know that it comes with serious visual problems that could last a lifetime.

Take this article seriously!!! DO NOT TAKE CHANCES AND DO NOT PLAY AROUND TAKING A ‘QUICK GLIMPSE’ LOOKING AT THE SUN!!! I am Dr. Parker and if you are in need of an eye care provider, we invite you to visit EnVision Eye Care. Dr. Dearing and I welcome you!!!

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