Children and Computer Vision Syndrome
Dr. J. A. Parker
Dr. J. A. Parker

Your children will be out of school soon. Some kids may find themselves vacationing and spending time with family, while others will spend a lot of time watching tv, playing video games, or on the computer/ phone for hours of the day.

Computers and computerized games have become a part of kids’ lives. Surveys show the average child spends one to three hours daily on a computer surfing the Internet, reading, chatting online, or playing video games. Kids are also using computers at a younger age now– as early as 6 years old.

As parents, you may wonder if too much computer use could be affecting your kid’s eyes. Eye doctors who specialize in children’s vision will say that sustained computer use puts kids at risk for nearsightedness and focusing problems. Computer use, especially among youngsters whose eyes are still developing, may be the culprit for younger kids requiring glasses so early.

Computer use puts more stress on the eyes than reading books. This easily happens because kids play the games at close range and for hours without taking breaks. Kids also never admit when their eyes are tired. This causes the eyes to work harder than they should.

To prevent eyestrain, here are some suggestions:

Make sure your child’s computer workstation is 18 to 28 inches from the child. The screen should also be below eye level.

Look for signs and symptoms of eye strain —red eye, rubbing eyes, squinting, or complaints of blur or tired eyes.

Make sure your kids have a comprehensive eye exam yearly

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