School’s out...What do I do with my kids now?

Dr. J. A. Parker
Dr. J. A. Parker
Maybe you’re planning vacations this summer, camps, or perhaps thinking about tutoring programs to give your child an academic head start. In either case, remember to add “GETTING AN EYE EXAM” to your list of summer plans for your children.

Some kids will enroll in vision therapy to help them with learning related vision problems. Children that are slow readers, lose their place when reading, skips letters and words, or have trouble saying words may have an underlying visual problem that affects their ability to read. Also, children who reverse letters, have poor hand-writing, or struggle to remember how to spell could have a visual information processing disorder that leads to poor performance in school.

The summer is an excellent time to prepare your child for the next school year. In addition to tutoring in reading and math, vision therapy helps to improve your child’s academic skills and attention span. Learning related visual problems affects more than 50% of our children. Most times, these problems are undetected unless the child has regular eye exams by a Developmental Optometrist who specializes in these areas.

Having an eye examination is only one part of determining if there is a learning related vision problem. Specialized tests determine what developmental delays are present. From these results, a therapy program is devised to strengthen skills in areas such as: eye-hand coordination, visual memory, left-right letter reversal awareness, and more. Improving skills in these areas allow the child to be better readers, more attentive to tasks, improve their handwriting, and more.

If you have not made your child’s eye examination, don’t wait. Many eye care providers are busier towards the end of the summer and parents are rushed to get their child’s glasses before school starts. Have your child’s eye exam early and talk to your eye care provider if your child has any symptoms as mentioned.

I provide family eye care as well as specialize in Developmental Optometry. Consider having your child examined early to find out if your child has a learning related vision disorder that could be affecting your child’s performance in school.

If you or your child need an eye care provider, I invite you visit En- Vision Eye Care. 321 W. Montgomery Crossroads, Savannah

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