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Dr. J.A Parkers
Dr. J.A Parkers
Another year has come and is almost gone already. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Savannah and the Savannah Tribune community, for your support over this past year.

We continue to implement progressive changes at EnVision Eye Care– from extending our office hours to adding a new Associate Doctor. We will expand our presence in 2018 by becoming preferred providers on various new insurance companies this coming year. We have also implemented new office technologies which allows us to be in better communication with our patients and provide exceptional eye care services.

Dr. Dearing and I will continue to educate ourselves so that we can bring that knowledge back to this community and Savannah at large. Our goal is to increase eye and health awareness by writing on subjects we feel can be beneficial to you and this community. I appreciate your continued support and promise to continue to provide quality eye care services to you and your families.

I want to personally take this opportunity to thank Tanya Milton and the Savannah Tribune staff for being a great team to work with over the past several years. May you continue to provide exceptionally professional service to your clients and the community you reach thru your papers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR SAVANNAH… And remember to add taking care of your EYES to your 2018 New Year’s Resolution!!! All The Best To You in the New Year! Dr. J. A. Parker

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