Council Approves Monument To Honor Dr. King

Photo: WTOC
Photo: WTOC

Savannah City Council voted yesterday to approve a proposed monument dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that will be located at the new Riverfront Park on West River Street.

Riverfront Park will be located at the end of MLK Jr. Blvd. and the new Plant Riverside development. The proposed monument honoring Dr. King will feature a bust facing north that will serve as the centerpiece of the park. The monument is proposed to consist of granite pedestal with a bronze bust of Dr. King on top.

The Historic Site and Monument Commission approved this proposal before it was reviewed by City Council. The Kessler Collection, which owns the Plant Riverside development, is funding the monument, which is estimated at $113,540.

The Kessler Collection agreed to maintain all improvements in the MLK Jr. Blvd. right-of-way in between River Street and the new River Walk extension. This agreement includes maintenance of the proposed monument.

The monument design will need the King family approval.

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